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Handmade in Italy with Passion

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Irene Ferri e Francesca Pecchia L'Equilibriste

Grand Opening Boutique in Via Belsiana

After a long wait, the festive evening we were waiting for has finally arrived: the new L'Equilibriste boutique has opened its doors in Via Belsiana 53, Rome , and it did so in great style.

An unforgettable evening celebrated this extraordinary event, bringing together fashion, dreams, celebrities and style for a party full of elegance and glamour.

In the new boutique we had a timeless experience, a moment where design, creativity and art merged into a single evening of style accompanied by the romantic notes of a music box animated by a romantic dancer in the center of the room.

Simona Sparaco and Francesca Pecchia L'Equilbriste

The location served as the stage for the event, a street that is an architectural jewel, with its historic facade blending beautifully with the modern and elegant interiors. The store has been carefully designed to offer a unique shopping experience, where every detail has been taken care of with passion and dedication.

The atmosphere was electrifying, altering romantic moments and engaging music, which entertained all guests, from. . The boutique was officially opened with a ribbon cutting by the founder of L'Equilibriste, who shared his fashion vision with the public.

Anna Farzetti and Francesca Pecchia L'Equilbriste

One of our artisans also participated in the evening and showed all our friends the mastery and magic that accompanies the creation of our famous leggings•

The real star of the evening was the collection displayed in the boutique. L'Equilibriste is famous for its borderless style, which combines Italian tradition with a touch of bold modernity. The new collection has been acclaimed for its timeless elegance and creative boldness. Guests were able to admire clothing, accessories and footwear that are true design masterpieces.

Matilde Brandi and Francesca Pecchia L'Equilbriste

The launch evening attracted an impressive list of special guests, the actress Anna Ferzetti , wife of Pier Francesco Favino, Irene Ferri, from the writer Simona Sparaco to the dancer Matilde Brandi up to influencers and trendsetters from the fashion world such as Eliana Miglio, Veronica Pesci, Elvira Colavita and Flora Pellino.

Many newspapers were present, including Messaggero , Corriere and TGCom.

Flora Pellino and Francesca Pecchia L'Equilbriste

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